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The Doctor Nurse Hospital Counseling Service (DNHCS)


Dr. Ronald A. Nurse Ph.D.

PO Box 6644 North Augusta, SC. 29861

Tel: (706) 993-7088 or (803) 686-4022

A Multi-Social Services Organization

The Doctor Nurse Hospital Counseling Service (DNHCS) is an Excelsior Multi-Cultural Institute, Inc. (XLCR) program. DNHCS’s psychotherapeutic interventions promote psychological, emotional, and physical wellness by providing mental health and substance use counseling, support services, and sexual health education. Our goal is to use a stellar Holistic Harm Reduction approach/model with individuals to develop effective strategies that address issues impacting their overall quality of life. The individual, group, and family counseling services are provided with unconditional positive regard through Tele-Health Counseling using the internet and office visits.

The DNHCS implements the most effective, innovative, and up-to-date therapeutic counseling regimens to deliver high-quality interventions and social services. Services are customized for the particular needs of each consumer.

A wholesome and nurturing approach that gestalts the issues that need to be addressed is implemented. Accepting the person where they are at and assessing one's lifespan is the key factor for healing.

The DNHCS's therapeutic regimens' focus is that individuals have repressed issues they never resolved as a child. And those same repossessed issues resurface, often causing abnormal cognitive processes and very underage inappropriate behaviors.

Specialized/Exceptional innovative and advent-grade treatments include the following:

-“741 Hertz” (Cure and Prevention for COVID-19 W/O a Vaccine)

-“Reflection Of Feelings”

-“10 Ways To Free Yourself From Yourself” (Includes purchase of self-help book)

-“Empowerment (Energy) Transmutation”

-“Positive Mental Conditioning”

-“Reiki Therapy” (Hands-On Healing)

-“Moral Recognition Therapy”

-“Drug and Alcohol Addiction Remission

Call me, Dr. Nurse today, for a free consultation so we can have a conversation.

The Doctor Nurse Hospital Case Management Services (DNHCMS)


In addition to the home care programs,

CLTC is also responsible for conducting

pre-admission screening for applicants who

are accessing Medicaid-sponsored nursing

home care. This screening process assures

applicants meet the required level of care—

skilled or intermediate—for nursing home



An individual or their family member may

make a referral for CLTC services by calling

the toll-free CLTC referral number, (888)

971-1637 or by using the CLTC website,



Long Term


Better Care. Better Value. Better Health.


If your primary language is not English, language

assistance services are available to you, free of charge.

Call: 1-888-549-0820 (TTY: 1-888-842-3620).

si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos

de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1-888-549-0820 (TTY:


.(888-842-3620 :)رقمھاتف الصم والبكم 888-549-0820

المساعدة اللغویة تتوافر لك بالمجان. اتصل برقم

إذا كنت تتحدث اذك اللغة، فإن خدمات 03/20


(803) 641-7680

(888) 364-3310

Serves Aiken and Barnwell



(864) 224-9452

(800) 713-8003

Serves Anderson and Oconee



(843) 529-0142

(888) 805-4397

Serves Berkeley, Charleston

and Dorchester counties


(803) 764-8319

(888) 847-0908

Serves Fairfield, Newberry,

Lexington and Richland



(843) 279-2011

(888) 539-8796

Serves Georgetown, Horry,

Marion and Williamsburg



(843) 667-8718

(888) 798-8995

Serves Darlington, Dillon,

Florence, Marlboro and

Chesterfield counties


(864) 242-2211

(888) 535-8523

Serves Greenville and Pickens



(864) 223-8622

(800) 628-3838

Serves Abbeville, Edgefield,

Greenwood, Laurens,

McCormick and Saluda counties


(803) 536-0122

(888) 218-4915

Serves Allendale, Bamberg,

Calhoun and Orangeburg



(843) 726-5353

(800) 262-3329

Serves Beaufort, Colleton,

Hampton and Jasper counties

Rock Hill

(803) 560-6457

(888) 286-2078

Serves Chester, Lancaster and

York counties


(864) 594-4964

(888) 551-3864

Serves Cherokee, Spartanburg

and Union counties


(803) 567-3110

(888) 761-5991

Serves Clarendon, Kershaw,

Lee and Sumter counties

CLTC Central Office

(803) 898-2590

P.O. Box 8206 Columbia

Columbia, SC 29202-8206

CLTC Referral Line

(888) 971-1637



The South Carolina Department of Health

and Human Services (SCDHHS) Community

Long Term Care (CLTC) offers programs to

help individuals who want to live at home,

need assistance with their care and are

financially eligible for Medicaid.

Community Choices Program

The Community Choices waiver allows

individuals who require assistance with their

activities of daily living to receive care in their

communities or homes instead of in nursing

homes. These CLTC services are available to

individuals 18 years of age or older who are

unable to perform activities of daily living such as

bathing, dressing and toileting due to illness or

disability. In order to enroll, the individual must

meet the same level of care that is needed to

enter a nursing home.

Services offered include:

• Personal Care I - Assistance with general

household activities.

• Personal Care II - Help with activities such

as bathing, dressing, preparing meals,

housekeeping and observing health signs.

• Attendant Care - Personal care assistance

directed by the participant or the

participant’s representative.

• Companion Services - Short-term relief for

caregivers and/or needed socialization for


• Environmental Modifications - Pest control

services, ramps, space heaters, fans and

window air conditioners.

• Enhanced Environmental Modifications -

Minor adaptations to non-rental property for

the safety and health of the participant.

• Home Delivered Meals - Regular or special

diet meals delivered to the participant’s


• Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) - Medically

supervised care and services provided at a

licensed day care center. Transportation to

and from the home is provided within 15

miles of the center.

• ADHC Nursing - Limited skilled nursing

procedures as ordered by a physician may be

provided by the ADHC nurse at the center.

• Respite Care - Temporary relief for

the participant’s caregiver by

admission to an inpatient

facility (nursing

home or hospital)

or community

residential care

facility (CRCF).

• Personal



System (PERS)

- An electronic

device that enables

high-risk individuals

to secure help in the

event of an emergency.

• Nutritional Supplements

- A limited supply of canned

supplements when medical necessity is

confirmed by a physician.

• Bath Safety Equipment - Bath bench or

chair, hand-held shower and/or a raised

commode seat.

• Home Again (also known as Money Follows

the Person) - Assists Medicaid individuals

residing in a nursing facility to transition

back into the community.

• Telemonitoring - Daily electronic monitoring

of medical conditions for participants who

meet specific criteria.

• Case Management - Coordination and

monitoring of program services and

community resources.

HIV/AIDS Program

CLTC may be able to help Medicaid-eligible

individuals of any age who have HIV/AIDS and

are considered to be at risk for hospitalization.

Services offered include:

• Personal Care I and II

• Attendant Care

• Companion Services

• Environmental Modifications

• Enhanced Environmental Modifications

• Home Delivered Meals

• Private Duty Nursing - Skilled medical

monitoring, direct care and intervention

in order to maintain health care needs

through home support.

• Case Management

Mechanical Ventilator Dependent


This program can assist individuals

21 years of age or older who

are dependent upon mechanical

ventilation at least six hours daily.

Services offered include:

• Personal Care I and II

• Attendant Care

• Environmental Modifications

• Enhanced Environmental Modifications

• Nursing Services


• Institutional Respite Care - Temporary

relief for the caregiver by admitting the

participant to an inpatient facility (nursing

home or hospital).

• In-Home Respite Care - Temporary

relief for the primary caregiver that

keeps the participant at home to avoid


• Specialized Medical Equipment and


• Nutritional Supplements

• Home Delivered Meals

• Case Management

Through Group Effort Change Becomes Reality


Here’s what we’ve been working on

Every Meal Helps Positive Motivation

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A brief background

The Excelsior Multicultural Institute, Inc. (XLCR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, Transitional Housing Program (THP) located in a rural area; Augusta GA. XLCR is kindly seeking your monetary and/or in-kind donations please. The agency is an organization with a history of volunteer foster care placement services. XLCR’s-THP specialize in domiciling homeless Developmental Disabled (DD) and Mentally Ill Chemical Abuser (MICA) consumers in special/exceptional rural milieus to treat their comorbid, co-occurring addiction and mental illness

The XLCR Transitional Housing Program will house homeless people in Augusta, GA and transition them into permanent housing. The Housing Urban Development Dept. (HUD), and the Community Development Block Grant Office (CBDG) in Augusta, Georgia reported in their demographic statistics; an estimate of over 75,000 people experienced homelessness in Georgia (National Law Center on Homelessnes and Poverty). 

Everyone Deserves A Place To Call Home


XLCR will provide supportive services to DD and MICA homeless patrons that will help them to put their mental health illness and substance abuse problems into remission, obtain permanent housing, job training, employment, education, and to input immediate permanency in their lives. The program will work with other social service providers, educational programs, employment, and permanent affordable housing providers in the area. Monetary and/or in-kind donations will be solicited from private and government resources. Resources, inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes of the logic model’s context, measures the effectiveness and efficiency of program activates. The logic model will assist the agency with understanding and accomplishing its mission, goals, and objectives (W. K. Kellogg Foundation).

Group Leaders will facilitate group counseling sessions by utilizing the 12 step recovery philosophies to resolve any underline issues and problems. Group members will be taught innovative mediation techniques called “Sexual Transmutation”, and “Sitting In Coliseum”. A sacred book titled, “10 Ways To Free Yourself From Yourself (10 Ways)” by authors, Jackson and Nurse (2011) will be used as the group’s didactic tool. 10 Ways teaches empowerment techniques that will guarantee group members immediate positive changes in their finances, mental health, social, artistic, physical, and professional interactions. 10 Ways will give group members immediate positive attitudes and spiritual rejuvenation. Residents will put their disorders and addictions into remission and be high functioning productive members in society.

To address the problem of MICA homeless caused by mental illness and/or substance abuse issues, XLCR will implement wholesome, nurturing, healthy, and positive intervention services. Residents will be assigned a social worker, job coach, mental health counselor, and housing specialist who will do bi-weekly individual service plan reviews. Each resident will be domiciled in their own separate rooms that are fully furnished with beds, dressers, cable, air conditioning, internet access, and microwaves. The residents will be given three well-balanced meals per day that are monitored by a dietarian and prepared by a well trained and certified chef. Snacks be given throughout the day and night. Residents will have recreational activities such as sports, games, internet access, trips to movies, concerts, museums, and visits to other cultivating places. Counselors will provide clients with ADL Skills training, group, individual, and family psychotherapies.

Multidisciplinary collaboration efforts will be conducted with other services providers in the community. All consumers will be referred and escorted to job training sites, CTP Programs, family, psychiatric, and doctor visits. Client’s medication management will be supervised by a licensed psychiatrist. Counseling about how to obtain affordable housing, employment, and money management will be provided for residents. Participation and interaction in bi-weekly individual therapeutic and career counseling sessions and group meetings are mandatory. The groups are specially designed for clients with mental health and substance abuse issues

Here’s what we’ve been working on

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