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About Us

The Excelsior Multicultural Institute, Inc. (XLCR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, Transitional Housing Program (THP)that is located in a rural area; Augusta GA. XLCR is kindly seeking your monetary and/or in-kind donations please. The agency is an organization with a history of volunteer foster care placement services. XLCR’s-THP specialize in domiciling homeless Developmental Disabled (DD) and Mentally Ill Chemical Abuser (M.I.C.A.) consumers in special/exceptional rural milieus to treat their comorbid, co-occurring addiction and mental illness concurrently.The XLCR Transitional Housing Program will house homeless people in Augusta, GA and then transition them into permanent housing. The Housing Urban Development Dept. (HUD), and the Community Development Block Grant Office (CBDG) in Augusta, Georgia reported in their demographic statistics for an estimate of over 75,000 people experience homelessness in Georgia (National Law Center on Homelessness)